"Beautiful, beautiful! Beautiful since the day we were born! That's who we are! Who we are! The beautiful Ikemen Fairilus!"

– The Ikemen Fairilus, boasting to themselves.

Ikemen Boys Handsome Pose

We Are Too Beautiful (美しすぎるアタシたち Utsukushi sugiru atashi-tachi?) is part 1 of episode 4 of Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door.

This episode is followed up by Work Hard, Kirara and Yurara~.


The Ikemen Fairilus haven't come to school for days and Lip, Sumire, and Himawari are tasked to visit Beautiful Island and find them.


At Earth, Nozomu is inside a greenhouse and sees large Konjac and Rafflesia flowers. He becomes enamored of how large plants can be and the possibility Fairilus can be born from them, though he is slightly deterred by their distinctive smell they produce.

In Little Fairilu, the Ikemen Fairilus wake up in the morning. They all greet each other and strike poses in the most handsome way they could. At noon, Haetori, Ojigisou, and Sabobon brought them all a mirror and come up with a suggestion to make an even better handsome pose. So everyone start taking turns posing in front of the mirror, spend many days in doing so.

Meanwhile, Lip, Himawari, and Sumire visit Beautiful Island, who have been tasked to find the Ikemen Fairilus who haven't came to school for days. As they explore around, the three lose their direction on the map and become lost and panic. As they try to get themselves together, the girls encounter ominous-looking eater plants. However, they appear to signal the way to their destination, much to their surprise. The girls thank the plants and continue their path.

The girls made it to the Ikemen Fairilu's house. They try to answer the door and remind the Ikemens about school. But there was no answer. So Lip tries opening the door, but ends up tearing down the door, unconspicuously revealing that the house was a cutout standee. Although Lip panics, Sumire pointed out their real house: A bungalow.

The girls come closer and see the Ikemen Fairilus, who now appear to be skinny and malnourished much to their shock. They are, however, oblivious as they continue obsessed looking themselves in a mirror. Seeing the mirror is becoming a problem for the Ikemens, Lip tells the girls they must get rid of the mirror to save them.

The girls try to lift the mirror, but is too heavy for them to lift. As they try harder, their Fairilu Keys glow, signaling an opportunity for them. Getting an idea, the girls take out their keys and cast a spell to make the mirror move. So the girls move the mirror to bring the Ikemens to school.

Back at school, Marje thanks the girls for bringing the Ikemens to school. But Lip says that the Ikemens are still looking at the mirror. So Marje calls Gole for assistance. Answering their call through the Fairilu Door, Gole solves the problem by calling out to the Ikemens, then declaring himself "to be the most beautiful of them all" (much to the girls' surprise). Hearing him out, the Ikemens come to an understanding he is too "beautiful" for them and stop looking at the mirror. Then Marje instructs them to keep in with their studies if they are ever to become beautiful as him, so the Ikemens agree to. Satisfied, Gole takes his leave.

The school bell rings, signaling the start of class. As everyone leaves, Sumire pauses for a second and shares her dissatisfaction the meaning of the word "beautiful" after their recent adventure. Lip and Himawari laugh it off and try to have her get over it as they take her along with them to class.




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