"Grandma always said that even a beautiful rose has thorns. I wonder what a rose Fairilu would be like?"

Nozomu Hanamura checking out roses.

Rose Laughing

Rose is a Slump! (ローズ、スランプですわ! Rōzu, suranpudesu wa!?) is part 1 of episode 3 of Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door.

This episode is followed up with Himawari is Everyone's Favorite.


Rose wants to become the best Fairilu than Lip. But when push comes to shove, she discovers she can no longer use Fairilu Magic...


Nozomu checks out the roses in the garden to believing if a Fairilu is inside it. He then start to wonder what a "rose Fairilu" would look like.

At Little Fairilu, Rose is enjoying tea time to herself in her room, but her neighbors interrupts her moment. She goes out and sees Lip and Himawari in a morning predicament, along with Sumire from her door. Lip sees and greets Rose. She asks her if they'd like to go to school together, as they are friends. But Rose doesn't recall them being "friends," thinking it as a distraction and she flies off, much to Lip's disappointment. Himawari and Sumire commented on Rose always being alone herself and wondered if she ever gets lonely.

At Saint Fairilu School, Mrs. Neko teaches a class of Fairilus in telekinesis. As Lip tries to use telekinesis, Rose carefully observes her, thinking how is she able to use powerful Fairilu magic from before. Then Ms. Cat asks Lip a question a better way how to use magic. As she thinks, Rose cuts in to answer it with a thorough explanation of "imagining it in your head." Impressed with Rose's explanation, she gives Rose a Fairilu Bijou. Then she gives Lip a Détoile Bijou for failing to answer. Then throughout various classes, Rose uses her magic to intentionally causes misfortunes to Lip, which results in more Détoile Bijous being given out to her.

Mr. Bokkuri hosts another flying lesson to the class. He teaches to the class about using magic to gain higher altitude. Lip worries about heights, but Olive and Dante cheer her up. So everyone starts by casting a magic spell to enhance her wings. Rose, determined to triumph over her, secretly casts a spell to disrupt Lip's wings. However, the spell fails to be cast and everyone flies up before her, much to her surprise. Mr. Bokkuri reminds her to fly up with the rest. So Rose chants her magic words, but discovers she cannot use magic anymore.

Night falls, and Roses tries to check up on her problem with her inability to cast magic, but discovers she cannot cast magic at all. Rose begins to worry she'll fall behind. Elsewhere, Marje and Gole are observing Rose and saw how she can no longer use magic. Gole then comes up with a plan how to help her regain her magic by requesting Marje something.

Marje takes the class to a place called the Lost Woods. She gives the class a "special lesson", about finding a "hidden treasure" she placed somewhere in the woods. Most of the Fairilus are frightened, but Marje states that she will give the winner a "special Bijou" for finding the treasure: A diamond. So everyone heads into the woods to find the treasure.

While searching, Lip gets easily lost. Afraid, she casts magic to fly above the trees, but her spell backfires and causes her to go deeper into the woods. Elsewhere, Rose follows the directions carefully on her map to find the treasure. After reaching the waterfall, Lip flies in and crashes into Rose. She becomes relieved after seeing Rose, but Rose refuses her consolation and flies away. But then, Lip gets grabbed by the vines of the Lost Woods and Rose quickly returns to see her in trouble.

As Rose tries to survey the situation, she started having thoughts about leaving Lip behind and going after the treasure. But if she does, then Lip will fall victim to the vines. Lip then urges to Rose to run away, but Rose refuses to leave her behind. In the moment, she takes out her key and casts a magic to create fire to burn the vines away. Then she catches Lip as the vines lose their grasp on her. Rose then begun to feel concerned for Lip.

At the end of the competition, Marje announces Rafflé as the winner and gives her the diamond Bijou. Then she declares Lip and Rose in last place. Lip blames herself for slowing Rose down, and Rose tries taking her loss with dignity. But instead, Marje tells Rose that she did her best, then she walks away. Lip then thanked Rose for saving her and asked to become her friend. But Rose refuses and flies away. As Rose heads off, she begun thinking on how she was able to use magic just to save Lip. But she immediately dismisses it and vows she'll become better than everyone else.






  • During Rose's magic sequence, she had no gloves on when she first enlarged her key. Then she was seen wearing them again for the remainder of the sequence.

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