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Hello Wiki readers! TacticalMaster here, founder of the Rilu Rilu Fairilu Wiki.

Good news folks! I just decided: I'm going to spruce up the front page so I can get rid of this gross default format! It's time that I make the wiki a little bit more lively. So I'm going get to work right away and start coming up with format ideas. The slideshow gallery, the character section, recent activity, and some shortcuts! Stuff like that, yeah. But again: It's time to make something original once and do something in my life for once!

Stay tuned, wiki readers. For the new front page. And as before, I'll be using the MainPage template. Time to put my web designing to the test!

~~ Rilu Rilu Fairilu! ~~

Welcome to the Rilu Rilu Fairilu Wikia

Welcome to Rilu Rilu Fairlu wiki! This is a community wiki of Sanrio's latest kawaii multimedia project: Rilu Rilu Fairlu! A fairy-themed franchise about cute little fairies named and modeled after flowers! The franchise includes the anime, toys, and accessories. Everyone is welcome to contribute!

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