Nozomu Hanamura
Nozomi hanamura
Profile render of Nozomu Hanamura
Original Name 花村 望
Romaji Hanamura Nozomu
First Appearance TFD01A
Seiyū Natsuki Hanae
Race Human
Gender Male
Color Blue
Homeworld Earth
Occupation Middle School Student

Nozomu Hanamura (花村 望 Hanamura Nozomu?) is the main human character in Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door. He is a 12-year-old middle-schooler. He later becomes Lip's human buddy.

Nozomu made his first anime appearance in Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door in episode 1, part 1. He is voiced by Natsuki Hanae.


Nozomu is a human boy with pale skin and brown eyes. He has blue short hair with fairly blunt bangs. His main attire consists of a yellow thin sweater with a white shirt underneath, and blue pants with blue loafers.


Nozomu is interested in magical creatures since his grandmother told him about them. He believes in their existence and wants to learn more about them. He also loves flowers.

In the Anime

Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door

Nozomu is a strong believer in Farilus and dreams of becoming a Fairilu researcher someday. He holds onto a book given by his grandmother known as the Picturebook of Fairilu. He uses this book frequently to study various Fairilu lore in the Fairilu universe and all of their species.

One day, he builds a Fairilu Door and a Key to try and meet a real Fairilu. His attempt initially fails though and Nozomu accidentally drops his key and loses sight of it. Unknown to him while searching for it, the door he tried to open is actually glowing. By the time he finds out the door is glowing, and he hurriedly takes a look through it. There, he finds the unborn Lip struggling to get the door open. Nozomu tries to cheer her on to get the door open. This helped her regain her confidence and she was able to pass through the door and become born. Nozomu was excited to seen an actual Fairilu.

From that point on, Nozomu continues to study the various Fairilu lore, all while hoping he'll might meet another Fairilu again. At one point, he met a girl who noticed he had a Fairilu book. They sat down and looked at his book until a drawing of a tulip fairy fell to the ground, which he let her keep. When she told him that she believes in Fairilu, he was happy and said that he had never met someone who believes in them. He told her that his dream was to become a Fairilu researcher and create his own Fairilu guide. He took a picture of the girl with his Fairilu Camera and developed an interest in her. When a cat suddenly attacked, Nozomu saved her, but she disappeared, and he wonders where she went.

Name origin

Nozomu means "wish". Hanamura is a Japanese surname, and it is likely the character was named this because hana means "flower".


Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door

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