Lip-anime (new)
Anime render of Lip
Aliases Yumiri Hanasaki
Original Name りっぷ
Romaji Rippu
First Appearance TFD01A
Seiyū Yumiri Hanamori
Race Fairilu
Gender Female
Species Flower
Motif Tulip
Color Rosy Pink
Homeworld Little Fairilu
Occupation Fairilu trainee
Idol (as Yumiri Hanasaki)

Lip (りっぷ Lippu?) is a Tulip Fairilu belonging to the Flower Fairilu species. She is the main character in the Rilu Rilu Fairilu franchise.

She is voiced by Yumiri Hanamori in the anime.


Lip is a Fairilu fairy. She has wings colored in three gradients of pink, yellow, and light blue. She has white skin, pink eyes, long ears, and pink hair with curled pigtails that are shoulder-length. She wears a pink fairy cap on her head with a pink bow attached; matching her hair. She wears a bell dress with a white blouse, green collar, and a pink flower skirt with green stockings and pink fairy shoes.

Fairilu Key

Lip's Fairilu Key is colored pink. The handle is outlined and heart shaped, with a tulip flower crest inside. The heart is placed on top of another small heart decor with two small wings. The key's teeth is shaped with a capital 'F' placed on its long side.


Lip cries easily, but she has a kind heart and does not give up. She's also in love with a human named Nozomu.

In the Anime

Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door

Lip was part of the new generation of Fairilus in the recent Birth Festival. While the other Fairilus become born all over the land, Lip did not and remained in her budded state. In fact, she was the only Fairilu who wasn't born. She then receives a telepathic calling from Fairilu Gaul, the Fairilu Overseer, who guides her to open the door before her and become born into the world. She tries to open the door, but could not and cries. Just then, she sees a human overlooking her through a doorway view and tries to cheer Lip up and smiles at her. Regaining her confidence, Lip manages to open the door and becomes born into the world.

Lip later enrolls in Saint Fairilu School. She is friends with Sumire and Himawari, and later with Rose. She lives in a tulip-shaped house with her pet Powawa. Her dream is that one day she would meet that same human, that same boy that she saw when she was unborn. She became enamored to him because of his kindness gesture he had. Curious, she set her mind to meet that human so that she could get to know him, and become friends.


  • Lip's name is based on the tulip flower; derived by taking "Lip" off from the end of the name.
    • Lip's name in her human form is Yumiri Hanasaki (花咲 ゆみり?), one word off from her voice actor's name, Yumiri Hanamori (花守 ゆみり?).


Official Artwork

Anime Screenshots

Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door

Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Magic Mirror

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