"The morning sun just feels so good, you know? I end up losing track of time basking in the sun."

Himawari and her morning days.

Himawari Basking

Himawari is Everyone's Favorite (ひまわりはみんなの人気者 Himawari wa min'na no ninkimono?) is part 2 of episode 3 of Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door.

This episode is preceded by Rose is a Slump!.


Himawari loves to make people happy with her optimistic personality. Later, the Fairilus discover that a Fairilu named Hotaru might be moving someplace else...


Lip, Sumire, and Himawari arrive at class, but Bokkuri distinctively denonces them being late and throws Détoile Bijous at them. After class, Sumire brushes Himawari's hair with Lip, Olive, Dante standing around them. Olive and Dante comments Himawari being late all the time despite her herself being an early riser. She replies that she often lose track of time, such as basking in the sun. While the girls pamper with each other, Hotaru looks at them into the distance.

Talking to herself, Hotaru wishes to shine brilliantly like Himawari and begins to keep a close eye on her. In class, Dante denounces he forgot to do his magic arts homework, Himawari professes she didn't too so she offers to study with him. Akiakane comes in, telling something happened with Fairilus named Suzu and Ran. So Himawari comes up to them and sees them tripped down on the floor hurt. She makes them feel better by making a gesture to make their pain go away, making Suzu and Ran smile.

Hotaru sees all of Himawari's helpful deeds and still wished she could be like as her. Fairilu Marje comes up to her, and Hotaru greets her. Marje checks her progress of her intention of moving away. She replies it's going fine and announces she will be moving away tomorrow. Benitengu spies on the two and overhears the convesation, so he relays this to his classmates.

Everyone becomes sadded to hear that Hotaru is moving away. Rose notes about it, saying that there is Fairilu Doors that might lead them to a distant land. Himawari says that everyone shouldn't feel said for Hotaru. She suggests that they should hold a party for her to cheer her up and everyone agrees.

The gang comes up to Omatsu for assistance and she understands. So she casts a spell to bake cookies and sweets for the party. By sundown, the Fairilus surprises Hotaru in the party room as soon she cames up. Himawari comes up and wanted to tell her that she wants to give her a proper farewell party. She casts a spell and makes the cookies dance in the air. However, one of the cookies flies out of control and slams into the light switch, turning off the lights in the room.

Himawari collapses due to her sudden fear of the dark and everyone begins to worry. Wanting to save Himawari, Hotaru gains confidence and casts a spell with her key, making firefly lights appear. This helps Himawari feel better and gets back up. She looks at Hotaru, and cries because she only wanted to make her happy. Hotaru comforts her, saying she tries her best to make other Fairilus smile. She also said that she is not moving "far away," but to a bigger room. Everyone became surprised to hear her relevation, and Himawari is glad she's staying with everyone. But Hotaru lamments just being gloomy, but Himawari cheers her up saying she's already brighttening everyone up.

The next day, Lip and Sumire, and Himawari arrive at class, but Bokkuri declares them late and throws Détoile Bijous at them. Himawari comments to herself she's happy to see the morning sun. Everyone laughs at Himawari's optimistim, including Hotaru, while Bokkuri is annoyed she doesn't take everything seriously.





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