"Fairilus grow as they learn new things, and one day they must create their very own door. That door is the door that leads to your future."

Fairilu Gole's philosophy of Fairilu-created doors.

Himawari and Sumire Magic

Himawari and Sumire's first Fairilu Magic (ひまわり&すみれ 最初のフェアリルマジック Himawari & Sumire saisho no Feariru Majikku?) is part 2 of episode 2 of Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door.

This episode is preceeded by A House of Bouquets! The Flower Fairilu Village.


The students are being taught on how to use their Farilu Magic and the importance of their Keys.


At Saint Fairilu School, Mr. Bokkuri teaches a class of Fairilus about "Fairilu Magic." He first asks a question about why everyone have their Fairilu Keys with them at all times. Dante answers it being a present from Fairilu Gole and says they should treasure it. Spider answers it being an important tool to open her own Door Though, Tora and Rafflé randomly claim it being a "cool fashion accessory." Meanwhile, Gole and Marje get an insight view of the students of Fairilu studying at school. Marje takes a glance of all the Fairilu studying, while Gole reminded himself being like the first day the two met, which left her slighly embarassed. Kirara and Yurara root for them that they'll all learn their first Fairilu Magic eventually.

Bokkuri continues to question about the purpose of the keys and everyone ponders to think of a good answer. Lip eventually gets an idea, but gloats outloudly much to her embarrassment. So Bokkuri querries her about her answer for the purpose of the keys, and Lip answers they can use it to cast Fairilu Magic any time. Bokkuri accepts her answer, but argues it's a little off which leaves her confused.

Bokkuri reveals the true answer that the keys 'are their future.' Gole and Marje make their appearance via through a Fairilu Door. Gole explains further that Fairilus learn over time and eventually to the day they create their 'own doors'; emphasizing that these doors are the "key to their future." He hopes to everyone in class that they'll hold on to their keys and hope everyone will eventually create their own doors. Gole also states Lip's previous answer to her, emphasizing using the key for Fairilu Magic is important, too. Marje agrees with him, stating it's a good start of practice. Rose believes her, and strongly brags to herself that she'll learn one day.

Bokkuri now moves on to the magic arts assignment. He explains it will be about using their magic to make their favorite things appear. He demonstrates it to the class with his magic. After chanting and casting the spell to make his "favorite thing appear", the outcome is his wife, Omatsu, to his own delight. Omatsu says she's glad the magic worked, but tells him she's teaching cooking class. Feeling sorry for dragging her away, Bokkuri casts a spell to return her to where she was.

So the class begins to use their keys to materialize their favorite things. Some are currently progressing and some did well to create their favorite things. After seeing their progresses, Bokkuri gives the students Happinelu Bijous as proof of passing their assignments. As for Lip, she tries to cast her magic, but nothing seems to be happening to her embarrassment. After trying even harder, the spell gets cast, but fizzles, much to her dismay.

Bokkuri explains to everyone the impotance of their assignment is to visualize the object they love that they want to create. Thinking of another idea, Lip decides to think of something else she likes. She begins to think inside her head, and the first thing she thought of is the big creature she remembered seeing. Nearby, Rose uses her magic and calls forth her pet, Powalisa. She looks a Lip, and realizies she hasn't cast her magic yet. She mocks Lip while she's thinking stating she is unable to cast magic.

Lip's thoughts gets mixed up with Rose's words while thinking and she immediately casts her magic. The result is a giant smiling pencil-eraser monster, frightening everyone in the classroom. Bokkuri becomes furious at the pencil-eraser monster causing destruction in the classroom and sets himself ablaze in anger, and does absolutely nothing later. Omatsu comes in, worrying about the noise in the classroom. Bokkuri and Omatsu see eye-to-eye, and cuddles with each other in a useless display of affection.

The monster approaches Lip who is now helplessly down on the ground in tears. Himawari and Sumire tries to assure her that anything created with Fairilu Magic can be destroyed by using another Fairilu Magic. As they tried talking her out, their keys start to glow and the two get a sense of opportunity. Himawari and Sumire chant their magic and casts a spell to make the monster disappear. The monster vanishes completely and Himawari and Sumire become relieved.

Bokkuri comes up amazed and explains that their strong desire to save Lip guided their Fairilu Magic. Impressed to see such bravery, he presents the two with another pieces of Bijous for each of them. Gole and Marje sees the event and Gole says he's impressed with Himawari and Sumire's magic while Marje comments on Lip's mess. Lip comes up to Himawari and Sumire in tears and thanked to them for saving her. Sumire and Himawari comfort her. Then an upset Bokkuri comes up to Lip and stamps a Détoile Bijou on her head for causing trouble. Lip apologies and promises to work harder. Rose then saw how powerful Himawari and Sumire's magic and she becomes determined even more as she decides to watch the trio closely. And then the episode ends.





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