A Fairilu Bijou (フェアリルビジュー?) is a badge or jewelry given to Fairilus based on their actions. These items appear in Rilu Rilu Fairilu anime series.


Fairilu Bijou

Lip getting a Happinelu Bijou.

There are three types of Bijous: Happinelu Bijous (ハピネルビジュー?), Détoile Bijous (デトワルビジュー?) and Rare Bijous (レアビジュー?).

Detoile Bijou

Akiakane getting a Détoile Bijou.

Rare Bijou

Miruru getting a star-shaped Rare Bijou.

Happinelu Bijous are badges that can be earned by performing good deeds or by performing well in school. They are shaped round with yellow frame a green center and a pink crystal heart. If enough Happinelu Bijous are collected, something "nice" may happen. The maker of Happinelu Bijous is Happy.

Détoile Bijous are badges depicting signs of misbehavior or those who cause trouble, and may sometimes be forcibly given if such acts are committed. They are X-shaped with black diamond-shaped crystals and pink studs on each tip. If too much Détoiles are collected, something "scary" may happen. In fact, the Détoiles are devices that record the failure or misbehavior of the Fairilu who received them. Those flashbacks could be seen on the Bijous. The maker of Détoile Bijous is Det.

Rare Bijous are jewelry that is given in special events or by doing something special. They vary in shapes and sizes. They are made of some special crystal called Fairilu Crystal. Each of them is made out of specific kind of Fairilu Crystal. The maker of Rare Bijous is Ofuku.


  • Bijou is a French term that translates to "small and elegant" in British English. It also translates to "jewel" or "trinket" in plain translation, which is a literal definition of the Fairilu Bijous themselves.
  • Happinelu Bijous were originally called "Fairilu Bijous" in the early episodes of the anime. The phrase "Happinelu Bijou" was introduced later and "Fairilu Bijou" became a generalized expression of all Bijous.
  • On the Rilu Rilu Fairilu website's character page, Happinelu Bijous can be given to the characters when viewing their profiles, mirroring the "like" feature on social media.