Fairilu-Human Buddying

A buddy forms when a Fairilu and a human connect and show their trust between one another.

A buddy (バディ?) is a system relating to Fairilu and human relationship.


When a Fairilu and a human bond, it forms a link called "buddy". This is a link of trust between human and Fairilu, in which the two now share pact of friendship between one another. The term "buddy" is usually referred to involving relationships between a Fairilu and a human.

A Fairilu and a human need to conduct a ceremony to eventually become buddies. In the ceremony, the Fairilu needs to kiss the human on the nose tip, then the human will receive a copy of the Fairilu's key, followed by the pair opening a Fairilu Door with their keys and reading an oath together as a promise to support each other for their dreams.

Known Buddies