"I want to see what your houses are like!"

Himawari asking to see her friends' rooms.


A Bouquet of Houses! The Flower Fairilu Village (花束のおうち!フラワーフェアリルの村 Hanataba no ouchi! Furawā Feariru no mura?) is part 1 of episode 2 of Rilu Rilu Fairilu: The Fairies' Door.

The episode is followed up by Himawari and Sumire's First Fairilu Magic.


At the end of class, Lip, Sumire, and Himawari suggest they show off their rooms and having fun together. But then Lip's pet, Powawa, goes missing.


Classes end at Saint Fairilu School and everyone headed out to their homes. All the Fairilus praised on Lip for demonstrating her remarkable Fairilu magic awhile ago and Lip becomes flattered to hear all their clamours. Lip, Sumire, and Himawari head to their houses, then notices that they all live at the same residence much to their delight. Himawari suggest they should show off their rooms, starting with her first. Himawari's room is bright and yellow for basking in the sunlight. Though what Himawari does, is completely lose herself as she does nothing. Sumire's is elegant and purple, purely upperclass. Sumire often loves to have tea and collects jewelry for accessorizing.

Meanwhile in Rose's room, she recalls back the day where Lip bested and obtains her first Fairilu Bijou. But she becomes determined to get one someday. Back at the girls, Lip unlocks the door to her room to show to the girls. She calls out to her pet, Powawa, but she becomes surprised she isn't home. Sumire and Himawari decide to help look for her outside while they ask Lip to stay in case she comes back.

Sumire and Himawari look around Little Fairilu asking the locals for the whereabouts of Powawa, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Lip starts to worry and now becomes desperate. She decides to use Fairiliu Magic in an attempt to locate Powawa, but the magic apparently fizzles. Noticing it didn't worked before, Lip now loses hopes. However, she notices something under her bed and examines it. She discovers a Fairilu Door she didn't knew was there. After pushing her bed, she opens the door with her key. Through the door is a dark tunnel. Thinking Powawa could be in there, Lip crawls into the tunnel to find her.

On the other side of the tunnel, Lip sees Powawa running up to her and they both reunite. Checking her surroundings, she discovers she's on the roof of the Flower house. Sumire and Himawari return, and sees Powawa with her. Lip explains that she found a tunnel in her room that led her to Powawa and the roof. Himawari explains every room have tunnels that connect to the roof, and she adds that the building they live is a rooftop garden for everyone to share. The episode ends with Powawa jumping off of Lip and starts frolicking around the roof in excitement while the others watch in delight.




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